PESC Update – August 6

8/28/2015 5:30pm: Fall Kickoff with Friends of the Clearwater. Hobnob with our friends at Friends of the Clearwater at our annual event at East City Park, kicking off the fall season for sustainability here on the Palouse!

9/16/2015: Beans on the Palouse. USDA Researcher Ted Kisha presents about beans on the Palouse, and the possibilities of using these crops to grow a sustainable agriculture.

10/3/2015 all day: Dam Breaching Demonstration. Join us and other local groups on a flotilla on the Snake River below the Lower Granite Dam as we make our voices heard in support of the salmon and breaching unproductive, unnecessary dams on our river systems.

10/7/2015 7:00pm: “Merchants of Doubt”. Watch this important documentary about climate change denial, followed by a discussion at the Kenworthy in Moscow.

10/20/2015 7:00pm: Geothermal Energy in Idaho. PhD Candidate Cary Lindsey speaks about this unique energy source and the potential for sustainability here in Idaho.