New Palouse Region group to press for market-driven climate solutions

WHAT — A presentation that will launch the Palouse Region chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby and explain the case for a revenue-neutral federal carbon fee and dividend


WHEN — Saturday, March 29 from 1 pm to 4 pm


WHERE — Fiske Room of the 1912 Building, 412 East Third Street, Moscow, ID 83843 (208) 669-2249 [Located between Adams & Van Buren, just three blocks up from downtown on Third Street, across from Moscow High School]


WHO — William Barron, Regional Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), will lead the presentation. William Barron ran for US Senate from Utah in 2012 and has been involved with CCL since it began in 2007. The presentation / training will give concerned citizens the tools they need to make their voices heard by decision-makers in Washington, DC.


Citizens Climate Lobby is a rapidly-growing, nonpartisan organization promoting effective public policy to address climate change. CCL has emerged as the leading voice for a revenue-neutral fee on carbon. The fee will spur a transition to low-carbon fuels, and 100% of the proceeds from carbon fees will be refunded to the American people. This market-based solution to the threat posed by climate change is embraced by the vast majority of main-stream economists and has been endorsed by leading climate scientist James Hansen as the most effective way to stabilize climate.


WHY — As the saying goes, everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Likewise, many people talk about the looming threat of climate change to our children’s future and the places we love, but few are working to enact policies to reduce the greenhouse gases causing the problem. We need a national policy to put a price on carbon that will speed the transition to a low-carbon economy. The political will for such a policy is currently lacking. Therefore, it is time for citizens to reclaim their democracy and overcome the disproportionate influence of the fossil-fuel industry. We must do this to secure a safe future for our children and our grandchildren. Learn more about Citizens Climate Lobby at For information about the Palouse Chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby, contact Rob Briggs at