Mission Statement

The mission of the Palouse Environmental Sustainability Coalition (PESC) is to help mitigate climate change and other significant threats to our environment by promoting and catalyzing responsible action. As a coalition, we engage with other organizations that have environmental concerns and support and facilitate their efforts.

PESC carries out its mission through actions in (1) education, (2) civic engagement, and (3) community building.

  1. Education – PESC disseminates sound information on both environmental problems and responsible solutions through a variety of forums and media. These efforts focus on reaching beyond those citizens who are already members of environmental groups to actively engage the wider community, particularly young people and faith communities.
  2. Civic Engagement – PESC actively promotes enlightened public policy related to climate change and other environmental problems, particularly at the regional and community levels. We accomplish this through actions such as proposing (or serving as catalyst for) local regulatory or administrative changes, endorsing and orchestrating support for public-policy initiatives led by other organizations, and by planning and participating in public demonstration of community support, at all times employing conduct that is respectful of others.
  3. Community Building – PESC works to build a community of citizens who are actively engaged in envisioning and bringing to fruition resilient, nurturing, and environmentally sustainable communities. We accomplish this by hosting events that are open and welcoming to the larger community, through our commitment to truthful and accurate information as the basis for effective advocacy, and by demonstrating uncompromising commitment to the long-term welfare of our communities and region and to the integrity of the natural world.

[Effective 02-29-2012]