2015 PESC events:

  • Geothermal Energy: An Overview of this Energy Source by PhD Candidate Cary Lindsey
  • “Last Rush for the Wild West” – a documentary on the Utah Tar Sands by Jennifer Eckstrom
    cosponsored with Wild Idaho Rising Tide
  • Lower Snake River Dam Breaching: Embracing the Inevitable – A panel discussion cosponsored with Friends of the Clearwater
  • “Under the Dome” – A Chinese documentary on exposing China’s air pollution featuring comments by Environmental Law Professor Anastasia Telesetsky and co-sponsored with the Environmental Law Center
  • “Wrenched” – the documentary which tells the story of Edward Abbey turning over environmental activism to a new generation with local group introductions by Moscow environmental lawyer Dana Johnson
  • Earth Day Bikefest at UI and Earthday Environmental Club celebration at WSU
  • First Nations Cree, Crystal Lameman, speaking at the WSU Native Studies program and also with co-sponsor Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment in Lapwai
  • “Origins” – the documentary covering the history of agriculture co-sponsored with the Moscow Food Coop for Earth Day followed by a panel discussion with Daniel Sidder (PCEI), Pam Holloway (Alan Savory Institute) and Eric Wegner (WSU Agriculture)
  • Earth Day Award: Moscow Mayor Bill Lambert named PESC the “Green Protector” of Moscow at an award ceremony in Moscow Council Chambers
  • Building a Resilient Palouse in the Age of Climate Change: a weekend event starting Friday night with a talk by Dr. Tom Bitterwolf on the science of climate change; “The World Set Free” from Cosmos with a discussion led by Lori Batina; Pam Holloway sharing insight on agriculture; and Dr. Michael Jennings on fossil fuel alternatives, all with a background of 39 posters by local School Children
  • “Someplace With a Mountain” documentary on the effects of climate change on an island nation co-sponsored with the UI Sustainability Center
  • Environmental Information for All Ages, a month long display for Earth Month in the Moscow
  • “Beyond Coal” featuring members of the Idaho Sierra Club sharing information on the use of coal by Idaho utility companies
  • Idler’s Rest Trail Clean Up, an annual event with the Palouse Land Trust to celebrate National Trail Day
  • PCEI Sustainability Fair Participant
  • Wild Care planning workshop collaborating with the Moscow Chapter of the Great Old Broads for the Wilderness to choose local issues involving climate change for future events
  • Speak for Wolves Workshop participant at West Yellowstone
  • “Open Sesame” documentary on GMO affect on seed saving co-sponsored with the Moscow Food Coop and the Moscow Sustainability Council at the Kenworthy
  • Rocky Mountain Seed Savers presentation at BookPeople co-sponsored with the Moscow Food Coop
  • Picnic and barbecue at East Side Park co-sponsored with Friends of the Clearwater (FOC)
  • Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment collaboration for fall event and winter events in Lapwai
  • Radio Free Moscow Interview with Laurel Hicke on FOC Wild Clearwater program
  • “Beans, Other Native Plants and Climate Change” presentation by USDA Plant Geneticist Ted Kisha
  • “Free the Snake Flotilla Event” sponsor
  • Palouse Water Events: Palouse Basin Water Summit, Bruce Allen Presentation on Japanese
    Environmental Activists co-sponsored with the UI English Department
  • “Merchants of Doubt” film debut at the Kenworthy co-sponsored with the Palouse CCL
  • Geothermal Energy: A Hot Topic For Idaho by Cary Lindsey co-sponsored by the UI Law Center
  • “Columbia River Basin Environmental Film Festival co-sponsored with the UI Law Club, FOC, and Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment

2014 PESC events:

  • Tar Sands Healing Walk presentations by 2013 attendees at UI and WSU
  • Citizens Climate Lobby public meeting with speaker from Utah to organize local chapter.
  • “Fierce Green Fire” Earth Day film co-sponsored with ICL and UI Environmental Law Center
  • Race to Action Table featuring Environmental Quiz and Scavenger Hunt
  • Earth Day Bikefest at UI and WSU Environmental Table
  • Fossil Fuel Divestment stock workshop held with investment company speaker
  • Palouse Wind Farm Field Trip with presentation and tour made the front page MPDN locally.
  • “Years of Living Dangerously” series sponsor of all nine shows at the Kenworthy. Each followed by discussions led by Rachel Clark, Michael Jennings and Nils Peterson. Weekly events from April – June
  • Nez Perce Grassroots Environmental Summit May organization meeting participant at the Clearwater River Casino followed by a Tar Sands presentation at the next Summit meeting in Lapai in July.
  • Idler’s Rest Trail clean up: An annual event to celebrate National Trail Day in collaboration with Palouse Land Trust
  • Dana Lyons Coal Train Concert co-sponsored with Wild Idaho Rising Tide
  • PCEI Sustainability Fair participant with over 30 other local groups. Shared information with over 200 visitors
  • Fifth and Final Tar Sands Healing Walk in Ft. McMurray, Alberta. Ten of our local members traveled to Canada to join with the First Nations in unity against the tar sands mining. We were joined by Nez Perce Renee Holt who participated in all the ceremonies.
  • Palousafest Event: Participated in the UI fall kick-off event with a table including hand outs and posters
  • Gasland Part 2: Josh Fox’s sequel on fracking for gas was shown thanks to a donation by Batinas.
  • March for Survival: Sponsored the first local march the length of the Chipman Trail organized by Lori Batina assisted by Pat Fuerst and filmed by Nathan Foster. (This event coincided with the NYC March.) It ended with a dinner and speeches at Friendship Square. Over 125 people participated.
  • National Fracking Day at Farmer’s Market made the local paper with an article and photo. Tables were also manned during the summer at the Market.
  • Received the Environmental Group of the Year Award presented by Friends of the Clearwater at their Annual Meeting. It consists of a framed copy of the 50 year memorial poster commemorating the passing of the Wilderness Act.
  • The Lummi Totem Jouney event in Spokane was attended by PESC members. It was held at the Episcopal Cathedral. The Lummis were presented with a Declaration of support signed by area churches.

2013 PESC events:

  • Feb 1-2 Kai Huschke presentations on Community Bill of Rights (we supported effort led by Wild Idaho Rising Tide)
  • Feb 8 show Frontline “Climate of Doubt” followed by Tom Bitterwolf (UI) discussion.
  • Feb 15 Michael Jennings (UI), “Climate Disruption: Are We Beyond the Worst Case Scenario?”
  • We have fostered and participated in the new Palouse Transition group, which organized a free locally produced community meal at 1912 Center on March 24. (Also jointly with GSC)
  • March 23 “Through the Eyes of a Firefighter” talk and video by long-term Forester and Fire Fighter Chris Bolz focused on the effects of global warming on our national forests.
  • Henry Lawrence and Pat Rathmann, Palouse Land Trust Director Amy Trujillo, and PLT Board Members John Bolles and Roger Blanchard hiked sections of Idler’s Rest to survey possible ways our group could help with trail maintenance projects.
  • April exhibit, Moscow Library, thanks to Ellen Thiem and Selma Carney.
  • Apr 17, Week tabling event sponsored by WSU Environmental Task Force
  • April 21 “Earth Night” Premier “Do the Math: the Movie” from at Pat Rathmann’s home.


June-December, 2012:

  • Coal Trains concert by Dana Lyons on 10/19 (co-sponsors WIRT, FOC, Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Palouse Group of Sierra Club)
  • Fall semester worked with Joe Astorino’s WSU ‘Environment and Society’ Soc 332 students both in PESC and in the Palouse Transition group
  • Ted Kisha (USDA/WSU) gave a talk 9/28 on preserving genetic stocks
  • Craig Cogger (WSU) gave a talk 9/30 on Climate Change; also gave talk the following day at WSU
  • our website went live (
  • “Tipping Point: the end of Oil” shown on 11/9.
  • ‘Voluntary Simplicity’ discussion group June-August
  • Pat Rathmann and Helen Yost attended the Alberta Tar Sands Healing Walk.
  • Moscow Library exhibit in June


January-June, 2012:

  • Documentary film, “Gasland” & talk by Dr. Jerry Fairley (UI, Hydrogeology) (WIRT as lead sponsor)
  • Fracking Forum: “Hydraulic Fracturing in Idaho” with Idaho Rep.TomTrail and others (WIRT as lead sponsor)
  • “Climate Change: True or False” presentation by Dr. Tom Bitterwolf (UI Chemistry)
  • “Pacific Northwest Agriculture and Climate Change—Vulnerabilities and Opportunities” presented by Dr. S. Eigenbode (UI, Chemical Ecology)
  • Moscow Democracy School Kai Huschke (WIRT lead sponsor)
  • ”Sustainable Energy: Can We Do It?” presented by Bailey Smith (UI)
  • The film “Revenge of the Electric Car”, & discussion with Dr. Michael Jennings (UI, Geography) and Dr. Dan Cordon (UI, Mechanical Engineer) (Palouse Group of the Sierra Club, co-sponsor)
  • The film, “Carbon Nation” was shown on Earth Day